About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Caring 4 Angels is a non profit organisation set up to offer support and kindness to anyone who has shown kindness to others such as: Nurses, carers, keyworkers or anyone who deserves recognition for helping people.

Caring 4 Angels will take nominations straight from you and brighten up someone’s day!

Our Team

We are Vince and Victoria, the founders of Caring 4 Angels. We are a couple who are dedicated to making sure that kind people are recognised for their good deeds. We just want people to smile and feel good!

So if it’s a bunch of flowers, a hamper, or even a thank you note, these kind of things can brighten someone’s day and really make a difference.

Mohammed Virk is the newest addition to the Caring 4 angels team, coming on as our Director. 

Mohammed wanted to join us as he too recognises the importance of kind gestures and making people feel good. He has a kind and caring nature so we know he’s the perfect candidate to help us with this campaign.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue showing love and respect for all those who care for others. We aim to provide a small piece of appreciation that will brighten someone’s day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform when the public can show their appreciation and offer acts of kindness for kindness.

We also want to surprise and brighten up as many vulnerable and elderly people’s day with a small gift to lift their moods and reduce the possibility of loneliness and isolation.

Together, we make people smile.

We Need Your Support!